New French Anthology of Crowleyana

Francophones (or collector geeks) may be interested in the second anthology from Zoanima, meant to introduce people to the writings of the Prophet of the Lovely Star on the theory and practice of magick, Le Silence Electrique. The posted description says:

The British magus Aleister Crowley, who did so much for the revival of Western esotericism in the 20th century, was a prolific writer who sacrificed on many altars. This introductory anthology to his work, in two volumes, aims to introduce the author in new ways, through little-known texts. In this second salvo the initiatory approach, the libri of the A:.A:., the Tao, the journey, the translation, the poetry and the freedom in love will be summoned. From the Heart of Holy Russia to the Classic of Purity, from a digression on skepticism to the dangers of mysticism via an Ode to Hecate, techniques for surpassing oneself and voluptuous advice, Electric Silence invites you on a journey into the writing of a proven visionary.

The translations are by Philippe Pissier and Audrey Muller. Five appendices complete the set, including Reflets d’un Héritage which highlights various personalities at the crossroads of art and magick such as the filmmaker Kenneth Anger, the musician John Balance (Coil), Thierry Tillier and Lilith von Sirius.

Born Edward Alexander Crowley (1875-1947), the British Aleister Crowley (also known as Frater Perdurabo, The Beast 666, Mega Therion) is undoubtedly one of the most important and fascinating figures of occultism. A great renovator of magic in the 20th century, a most singular character, an experienced mountaineer, a provocative poet and a romantic dandy, he devoted his entire life to the study of Qabalah, Yoga and what he called Magick. He is widely recognized as the first who, in the West, gave the initiatory quest a rigorous methodology, seeking synthesis with science and philosophy. Still unrivaled, he is still today the one who has gone furthest in understanding and bringing together different currents of mystical and magical thought.

His major influence is felt both in the occult (Gerald Gardner, Jack Parsons, Rosaleen Norton, Anton LaVey, Dion Fortune) and in popular culture (The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Graham Bond, Timothy Leary, David Bowie, Ozzy Osbourne, Paulo Coelho, Tool, Alan Moore) or in the avant-gardes (Kenneth Anger, Coil, Current 93, John Zorn).

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