New Film on Aging and Sexuality

An older couple walking hand in hand

Sexuality is vital to older adults’ health, happiness and wellbeing, reports the University of Manchester in the United Kingdom. A new film and study entitled “Sex, love and intimacy in later life,” draws on their ground-breaking research showing that over 50% of men and over 33% women over 70 years old are still sexually active.

Oldham Council Leader and Greater Manchester Combined Authority’s lead for Fairness, Equality and Inclusion, Jean Stretton, said: “In Greater Manchester we’re pioneering a new positive vision of ageing. This research shows that relationships are important to older people, impacting on health, wellbeing and happiness.

“This Older People’s Day let’s celebrate the fact people are living longer, and challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about what makes a good later life. Older people have a right to good sexual health, so let’s normalise conversations around sex and older people, and change the narrative on ageing.”

Sexuality is vital to older people’s health, happiness and wellbeing.


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