New Emergency Contraceptives in $1 Million Giveaway

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The makers of Vagisil have created a new emergency contraceptive, and they’re giving it away. Combe Incorporated is manufacturing Preventeza Emergency Contraceptive (levonorgestrel tablet, 1.5 mg), and when you buy one, you get one free, up to $1 million worth. Keech Combe Shetty, CEO, tells Forbes:

“When you buy one, you get one. You can either keep it on hand just in case, or you can give it to a friend, a sister or another woman you care about,” Combe Shetty says. “Hopefully it starts spurring more conversation and normalization around being proactive and preventative as opposed to reactionary. I think it’s our responsibility to spur that conversation as much as possible,” Combe Shetty says, starting with the hashtag #WeAre1in2—a show of solidarity on social media.

The Makers of Vagisil Launch Emergency Contraception.

Preventeza Buy One Get One.


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