New Edition of The Vision and the Voice Featuring Facsimiles of Crowley’s Notebooks

The UK’s Hellfire Book Club has announced its publication of Aleister Crowley’s The Vision and the Voice Liber CDXVIII Being the Visions of the Angels Of the 30 Aethyrs in four editions – each one more deluxe and expensive that the one before. The publisher’s site says:

“The Vision and the Voice is one of the world’s most significant religious, mystical and occult documents, it displays in fine literary form the terrifying beauty of true mysticism whilst revealing the practical secrets of the magical path of summoning the hidden powers of the Universe and of crossing the Abyss of existence.

“For the first time in human history a great mind launched itself upon uncharted realms of the spiritual world, known as the 30 Aethyrs, and recorded in detail the method and results, ultimately crossing the vast Abyss that lies between the universe as we know it and the terrible Void of non-being.

“The 30 Aethyrs are a series of mysterious realms inhabited by angelic and other beings, these can be entered by the use of technical ‘Calls’ or keys revealed by angelic messengers to the famous Dr.John Dee over 400 years ago, and which are recorded in an extraordinary language and alphabet known as ‘Enochian’ – the original historical manuscripts are in the British Museum.

“The 30 Aethyrs are thus a previously uncharted territory of the soul of humanity and mind of man expressed in visions, and it is a complete series of these visions, as well as the practical instructions to obtaining them, which the original notebooks contain.

“This makes ‘The Vision and The Voice’ by Aleister Crowley one of the most significant documents in the entire literature of religion, mysticism and occultism since the dawn of recorded history.

“Here for the first time we present the complete original notebooks which Aleister Crowley used to document his dangerous spiritual experiments from Mexico in 1900 to Bou Saada in the Algerian desert in 1909.

“Each set contains exact facsimiles of the original handwritten notebooks extending from 1900 – 1909 with a fully accurate transcription, with over 250 pages of detailed introduction with practical instruction and extensive history of the methods Crowley employed, the circumstances surrounding his experiments and the original texts from which he drew.

“Aleister Crowley kept these notebooks from the late 1890’s through to the end of the experiments in 1909 where he journeyed back from Algeria and published some of the material in his periodical ‘The Equinox’, the complete handwritten notebooks remained with him until the end of his life in 1947 and have never been published in this complete form before.

“The publication of these notebooks is thus a great event in the literature of religious thought, psychology of mystical experience and the practise of occultism, equal to the revelation of such important texts as the ‘Secret of the Golden Flower’ and Carl Jungs ‘The Red Book’.

“The volumes begin at number ‘0’ and from there run through I, II, III, IV, V  with the first volume ‘zero’ containing all the introductory and supplementary material with full bibliography:

Volume 0 : Introduction, bibliography &c. 302 pages

Volume I :  facsimile and transcription of the notebooks containing the 30th – 19th Aethyrs, 290 pages

Volume II:  facsimile and transcription of the notebooks containing the 18th – 13th Aethyrs, 150 pages

Volume III: facsimile and transcription of the notebooks containing the 12th – 9th Aethyrs, 132 pages

Volume IV: facsimile and transcription of the notebooks containing the 8th – 5th Aethyrs, 176 pages

Volume V: facsimile and transcription of the notebooks containing the 4th – 1st Aethyrs, 208 pages

  • Volume V also contains “A Comment upon the Natures of the Aethyrs”, never before published, a ground-breaking contemporary summary by Crowley about his experiences and its relation to the system of the A.`.A.`.
  • In clear and concise language, Crowley describes the procession of the aspirant through the A.`.A.`., culminating in the mystical marriage “even with Babalon Herself.”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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