New Collection of Robert Anton Wilson’s Writing on Aleister Crowley

Lion of Light: Robert Anton Wilson on Aleister Crowley is a collection by the noted occult-leaning author on the, uh, noted occult-leaning author. The posted description says:

This eclectic collection presents a series of articles outlining Robert Anton Wilson’s unique perspective on the notorious scoundrel and mystic, Aleister Crowley – the Man, the Mage and his life’s work. The centerpiece, “Do What Thou Wilt,” recently liberated from the archival depths of Harvard University, is published here for the first time ever. In this, until recently unknown manuscript, Wilson examines and contrasts the pragmatic and theoretical revelations of Crowley’s system, Thelema, with various other contemporaneous scientific research into expanded consciousness. Lion of Light is fleshed out with an introduction and foreword by Lon Milo Duquette and Richard Kaczynski respectively, along with four additional pieces by seasoned explorers that shed light on the relationship of these two Masters, Wilson and Crowley.

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