New Book on MKULTRA

So let’s be honest – the occult community is rife with folks who buy into conspiracy theories of all sorts, even the most phantasmagorical. The joke is – that some of the most far-fetched can turn out to be based in fact. One of the most cherished is of course MKULTRA. The New York Times ran a book review of the latest investigation into that operation and brains behind it Sidney Gottlieb, Poisoner In Chief. An excerpt reads:

“In 1952, Gottlieb led a team of scientists to a safehouse in Munich — one of the agency’s ‘black sites’ — where prisoners of war were pumped full of drugs, interrogated and then allowed to die. These were ideal operating conditions. ‘One of the luxuries that Gottlieb’s interrogators enjoyed was the knowledge that if any “expendables’ died during their experiment, disposing of their bodies would be ‘no problem.”‘ The experiments failed to control any minds, except perhaps for Gottlieb’s, since he was convinced his research would yield results. ‘Gottlieb and his chemical warriors believed they could transform a persistent legend into reality,’ Kinzer writes.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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