New Book: Pagan Consent Culture

Cover image of book showing diverse hands joined.

“Man has the right to love as he will.” –Liber Oz

In keeping with the mores of the new aeon, it is exciting to announce a recently published book, Pagan Consent Culture: Building Communities of Empathy and Autonomy, by Christine Hoff Kraemer and Yvonne Aburrow. While Thelemites are not, strictly speaking, pagans, we often learn from many paths, and this book is a great example.

Asphodel Press says, “In this collection, Druids, Wiccans, Heathens, Polytheists, and others show how to ground good consent practices in Pagan stories, liturgies, and values. Although many Pagans see the body and sexuality as sacred, Pagan communities still struggle with the reality of assault and abuse. To build consent culture, good consent practices must be embraced by communities, not just by individuals—and consent is about much more than sexuality. Consent culture begins with the idea of autonomy, with recognizing our right to control our bodies in all areas of life; and it is sustained by empathy, the ability to understand and share the emotional states of others.”

You can buy Pagan Consent Culture here.


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