New Book on the Magical Legacy of Johannes Trithemius

UK publishing house Scarlet imprint are opening pre-orders on a new title, Black Abbot · White Magic: Johannes Trithemius and the Angelic Mind by Frater Acher. The publisher’s site says:

Black Abbot · White Magic is the second volume of Frater Acher’s Holy Daimon cycle, and focusses on the magical legacy of Johannes Trithemius. The book includes the first full English translations of two angelic grimoires, reveals the construction of the talismanic Tablet of Truth, the compounding of a love philtre, the creation of the exorcistic powder of Pelagius and the purificatory counter-magic of the witch’s bath. Through Acher’s careful analysis of these texts, the reader is guided towards a mystical and historically attested method of practicing angelic magic.

The pre-order is for the limited hardback editions: a fine edition strictly limited to 70 copies, extravagantly bound in full off-white morocco, and a standard edition of 900 copies, bound in white bonded leather. Full details are on the website. The unlimited paperback and digital editions will be available in due course. We expect the standard edition to be in stock by late July.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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