New Book Featuring The Notes Kept by Gnostic Saint Paul Gaugin in Tahaiti

‘Noa Noa: The Tahitian Journal of PAUL GAUGUIN’ is a newly published work that collects the Gnostic Saints notes from his first two years living and working in Tahaiti. The publisher’s description says:
“Paul Gauguin fled what he called ‘filthy Europe’ in 1891 to what he hoped would be an unspoiled paradise, Tahiti. While he created a significant body of paintings, drawings and carvings during the first two years he spent there, he kept notes from which he later wrote Noa Noa – a journal recording his thoughts and impressions of that time. Today the manuscript provides unparalleled insight into Gauguin’s thoughts as he strove to achieve spiritual peace, and into the wellsprings of a singular artistic style which changed the course of modern art.
“This edition includes a number of full colour reproductions from Gauguin’s original diary as well as an overview of his life and artwork.
Now available from and Amazon worldwide.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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