New Book Discusses Trans-Species Genetic Transfer

If you delve a bit into Aleister Crowley’s writing on sex magick you’ll likely get the impression that he thought certain bodily fluids might play some part in it such operations. At least of these fluids is the carrier of sperm which in turn is the carrier of DNA. considering latterday theories about DNA possibly being a repository for information that functions like memory it’d appear that being up on current scientific research on the mechanics of heredity could be of interest to sex magicians (PS I can’t really defend why it’s only sperm and not eggs that became part of his equation).

A recently published book that examines some of the more provocative theories of heredity and evolution is David Quammen’s The Tangled Tree.  One of the more fascinating theories introduced is “Horizontal Gene Transfer” meaning genetic material moving from one creature to another OUTSIDE of reproduction. In fact, some instances appear to have been discovered of genetic material moving from one species to another, in fact from one kingdom from another – between bacteria and animals for instance.

Ya gotta wonder what the Great Beast woulda made of of THEM apples.

Read the NY Times Book Review on this:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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