New Art Incorporated in the Arcanorum 231 VR Architecture

ZeroEqualsTwo contributor Barry William Hales has incorporated new artwork into the Arcanorum 231 VR Architecture. As he explains it:

“Being naturally left handed and due to injury I completed my second major series of Liber 231 inspired artworks which where produced with my right hand in 2003.

“Consisting of Thirty-six ink drawings: twenty-four based around single Wheels — twelve for the ‘Houses of Mercurii’ and twelve for the ‘Prison Cells of the Qliphoth’, and finally twelve larger works combining the two wheels in one.

“In this series the rich illustrative backgrounds of the paintings has disappeared completely and the compositional focus are around a panoply of Gargoyles and Heralds turning the wheels of Heaven and Hell themselves.

“Eleven of the double wheeled and double sided compositions would go on to be published as an art folio titled CODEX 231 a decade later in 2014 by Fulgur UK

“These works have been incorporated into the Grand Hall section into the ARCANORUM 231 VR architecture as described by Paul Christian in his account of an esoteric Egyptian initiation which describes a grand hall with twenty-two pictures facing each other in pairs lining either side of the walls.”

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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