New Album Features Crowley Poems in Musical Settings

Sympahty For The Beast: Songs From the Poems of Aleister Crowley is a new albujm from Twink & the Technicolour Dream, being released by the Italian label, Area Pirata.
Tthe album features two legendary figures from British 60’s rock, namely Twink (ex Tomorrow, Pretty Things, Pink Fairies, Hawkwind, etc.), and Jon Povey (ex Pretty Things) and the band Technicolour Dream. Vocalist/bassist Marco Conti explains:
“We selected some passages from different Crowley’s poems, which we both used as lyrics or narratives on a musical base. In addition, we also included in the album the two unpublished songs by Crowley/Page which Cynthia Crosse discovered in Wellington both in an original version (piano + soprano) and a rock version.
“In the inner sleeve, we printed an article by Cynthia on the unpublished songs on one side, and the passages from Crowley’s poems we used on the other.
“The front cover is by Kim Deitch, a famous underground cartoonist who is also a fan of Crowley’s work.
“The album will be released in January, and will be available for pre-order on January the 7th.”
Tha album will be available via Bandcamp, Discogs and Amazon.
Pre-order here:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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