New Aeon Tantra 

Original Falcon Press will be issuing a revised and expanded of Gregory Peters’ The Magickal Union of East & West under the title New Aeon Tantra. The author published this description on his website:

Coming soon from Original Falcon PressNew Aeon Tantra is an exploration of the tantra of the Book of the Law, and gives practical instruction on how to incorporate its teachings into your life.

The book explores Thelema from the perspective of the Typhonian Gnosis, and looks into non-dual tantrik traditions from Buddhist and Hindu Kaula traditions and how they intersect and inform the philosophy and practice of Thelema.

Originally published as The Magickal Union of East & West, the former book was highly edited down and lost a great deal of deeper content. New Aeon Tantra is completely revised and expanded with new material, and a deeply illuminating introduction from Michael Staley. Cover art and interior illustrations by the magically talented Kat Lunoe.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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