Netflix Adds Gender Reassignment Surgery to Employee Benefits

A family watching a movie on their TV.

A family watching a movie on their TV.Pink News reports, “In an effort to prove their inclusivity prowess, employers such as Netflix and social media giant Facebook say they are now offering medical procedures such as gender reassignment and hormone therapy.”

Of course, it is true that not all transgender people wish to use gender reassignment surgery or hormone therapy. And, as James Baron of the Yale School of Management warns in the article, “these benefits could be part a smokescreen by the businesses to imply that they are LGBT inclusive, as very few employees would actually use the benefits.” A study by the University of California found that just one employee in every ten to twenty thousand would take advantage of the gender assignment “perk” each year, at an average cost of around $30,510.

Still, it seems another step in the right direction. “Man has the right to to live in the way that he wills to do.”


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