“Mysticism and Occult Tradition Today” Conference in Russia This August

An esoteric conference “Mysticism and Occult Tradition Today” is to be held on 1-3 August, 2015, in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, organized by a Moscow Ordo Templi Orientis “Pan’s Asylum” Lodge , an O.T.O. “Sphinx” camp and Russian College of Thelema, in collaboration with Wiccan community of Saint-Petersburg.

The conference will host presentations and discussions of magical ritual, mysticism, initiatic organizations, occult symbolism and esoteric philosophy. The presentations will take place on August, 1, 10.30 – 16.00. The time of one presentation is 20 min.

The organizers are interested in Thelemites from around the world participating and lending moral support either by attending the conference in person or:

1. You can make a video of your presentation and send it to the conference.

2. You can send the written text of your presentation/report.

3. You can make a video of a greeting address to the participants of the conference, and send it to us.

4. You can simply write a short letter to the participants with your greetings, wishes and/or advice. All the letters will be read at the conference.

5. You can take part in the conference via Skype.

e-mail is  oto.sphinx@gmail.com


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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