Mysteria Maxima Magazine Seeking Submissions

Mysteria Maxima Magazine is a new Australian publication which will be comprised of SUBMITTED MATERIAL and special content curated by MYSTERIA MAXIMA MEDIA.
Each issue will feature comic strips, original artwork, short stories, interviews and other writings. Our aim is to celebrate the strange, the subversive and the surreal. To explore the esoteric and transgress the traditional. We hope to discover and showcase the works of emerging talents and to closely examine the contributions of the established. Of course, we’d like to avoid comparisons to existing publications, though you may consider this our attempt to offer an Australian answer to 2000ad and Heavy Metal.
We invite you to contribute by submitting material via email scroll to the very bottom of this page to see submission requirements. Feel free to send us anything you think may be suitable for the magazine. Sending us your work doesn’t mean we will print it. AND we aren’t just going to steal your work for the magazine! If we feel your work is suitable for inclusion in the magazine then we will be in touch to discuss finer details. If you aren’t sure what to submit, you can work around our special designed “ORDEALS”


THE AUTOMATIC EXHIBITON. Automatic Drawing is a technique developed by the surrealists, as a means of expressing the subconscious. In automatic drawing, the hand is allowed to move ‘randomly’ across the page. We explore the use of this technique and examine the world of artists such Austin Osman Spare and Rosaleen Norton.We invite artists world-wide to contribute a unique work of automatic art to MMM Gallery. ADAPTATION We ask Writers and artists to base a short story or piece of artwork around one of the following ideas. Interpret how you will. – “PHANTOM OF THE SUBURBS” – “ANOTHER CULT” – “BULLET WITH A NAME” – “LEAVING THE BODY”


COMICS / SEQUENTIAL ART single page synopsis of the story or entire plot (if pitching on going). Attach up to 5 low-res PDF or JPEG files of any inked or lettered comic book pages for the series you are pitching. Any sequential artwork between 1-10 pages is welcome. Ongoing storylines or reoccurring characters are also welcome. ARTICLES / COLUMNS / SHORT STORIES Completed essays or concept pitch. up to 3 PAGES. PDF. Whatever subject you feel may be suitable for inclusion..but remember, we’re chasing something interesting and out of the ordinary. ILLUSTRATION/PAINTING/PHOTOGRAPHIC WORKS pdf or jpeg files of your finished work. low res. Alternatively link to online gallery. watermarked is fine for now.
ORIGINAL / INDEPENENT MUSIC FOR REVIEW .Email us a link to your album or EP.
We look forward to working with you all.
(it could be that Robert Buratti and Laith Tierney are involved)
Mysteria Maxima

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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