Mute Re-Issuing Three Classic Throbbing Gristle Albums

Mute Records has announced the release of new editions of three Throbbing Gristle albums including the live Mission of Dead Souls which includes the track “Searching For the OTO”

The German Mute newsletter states (the following has been translate in English by Google translation engine)


Throbbing Gristle enter the second phase of their reissue series Mute. On 14.09.2018, remastered editions of Journey Through a Body (on silver vinyl CD, Digital), Mission of Dead Souls (on white vinyl, CD, Digital) and Heathen Earth, on blue vinyl, will be released as a double CD set and Digital will appear.

The piece “Persuasion U.S.A.” from Mission of Dead Souls can be heard here:

The albums follow the anniversary re-release of The Second Annual Report as well as a new edition of 20 Jazz Funk Greats and The Taste Of TG: A Beginner’s Guide to Throbbing Gristle, available here: -GRISTLE

————————————————– ————-

JOURNEY THROUGH A BODY (Original 1982, Industrial Records (TGLP8 / TGCD8 / iTG8)), widely regarded as Throbbing Gristle’s most spooky work, was recorded in Rome in March 1981 as a commissioned work for the Italian broadcaster RAI. Following a recommendation by Robert Wyatt, the RAI initially commissioned Cosey Fanni Tutti to work on a piece dedicated to “A Journey Through The Body”. It quickly became a TG project that would mark the band’s last studio recordings before they were reactivated in 2004. In just five days – one day per body area – the pieces were conceived, recorded and mixed immediately and are a perfect example of Throbbing Gristle’s artistic stance. Out of stock on vinyl since 1983, the album now appears on silver vinyl with embossed cover artwork and photos from the recording session. In addition, the album will be made available again on CD and be available for the first time ever digitally. “What’s most noticeable about the album, as a sonic experience is the openness to acoustic instrumentation on display.” (The Vinyl Factory)

01 – Medicine
02 – Catholic sex
03 – Exotoc Functions
04 – Violencia
05 – Oltre La Morte

————————————————– ————-

MISSION OF DEAD SOULS (Original 1981, Industrial Records (TGLP6 / TGCD6 / iTG6)), in turn, documents the band’s final performance before its first breakup on May 29, 1981 at the Kezar Pavillion in San Francisco. The album proves, to follow AllMusic, “TG’s assault never made talent or skill.” Unavailable since the early ’90s, it now appears as a limited edition on white vinyl with a reproduction of the original cover complemented by silver ink – and a text by Jon Savage. Also this album appears for the first time digitally and after a long time again on CD.

01 – Dead Souls
02 – Guts On The Floor
03 – Circle Of Animals
04 – Looking For OTO
05 – Vision And Voice
06 – Funeral rites
07 – Spirits Flying
08 – Persuasion U.S.A.
09 – The Process
10 – Discipline (reprise)

————————————————– ————-

HEATHEN EARTH (Original 1980, Industrial Records (TGLP5 / TGCD5)) is again the live documentary of a performance given by Throbbing Gristle to a small crowd of invited audiences on 16 February 1980. Heathen Earth will be released as a double CD and as a limited vinyl version in the gatefold cover, which cites the first time limited to 750 units at the time. The vinyl version also features an eight-page 12-inch booklet called “Industrial News”, a previously unreleased performance print and a digital copy, the 11 bonus tracks with additional live recordings from 1980 and 7-inch versions of “Subhuman” and “Adrenaline “Contains.
01 – Cornets
02 – The Old Man Smiled
03 – Improvisation
04 – The World Is A War Film
05 – Something Came Over Me
06 – Still Talking
07 Bass
08 – Don’t Do As You Are Told
09 – Painless Childbirth

Bonus Tracks / CD2
01 Introduction – Sheffield University 1980
01 – Trained Condition Of Obedience – S036 Club, Berlin 1980
03 – Heathen Earth – Sheffield University 1980
04 – An Old Man Smiled – S036 Club, Berlin 1980
05 – Auschwitz – Rafters, Manchester 1980
06 – Devil’s Gateway – Rafters, Manchester 1980
07 – Punished – Sheffield University 1980
08 – Tortured Smiles – Sheffield University 1980
09 – We Said No – Sheffield University 1980
10 – Subhuman – 7″ Vinyl Single
11- Adrenalin – 7” Vinyl Single:

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