Music Of Thelema From Russia

Music Of Thelema is a rock album featuring music by Valentin Dubovskoy, ordered by Moscow Oasis of OTO. It is performed by Dubovskoy and the Choir of Thelemites from the Moscow Lodge of OTO, “Pan’s Asylum. ” The Choir comprises:

Irina Gor, vocal
Natalya Skryabina, vocal
Anna Nosko, vocal
Alexandra Balakireva, vocal
Serafima Melnikova, vocal
Yekaterina Buryak, vocal
Olga Andreyeva, vocal, guitar
Olga Pankratova, guitar
Leonid Kazachkov, vocal

Valentin Dubovskoy’s website states:

“Born in 1967 in Saratov, Russia. After graduating from Moscow State University with specialization in mathematics was giving his own course of lectures on economic computer sciences at the economic faculty of Moscow State University for 2 years.

“Acquired specialization in solo singing and composition in Moscow State Conservatory.

“His tours include 19 countries. With over 30 central opera parts in his repertoir.

“He is the author of 14 operas, rock operas and musicals, over 300 songs and romances, some oratorias, cantatas and rock cantatas.”

You can DL Music of Thelema here:

Thanks to Brother Scott and Soror Amy for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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