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The envelop from my archives which sparked my research, dated February 15th, 1944

A few years back I made a small post regarding my research into the “Unknown Soror” to whom the vast majority of the letters contained within Magick Without Tears had been penned.  I had in my archives an original envelope, addressed to one Anne Macky, with two of Crowley’s Ankh-af-na-Khonsu seals upon the reverse side.  This sparked my curiosity. At the time, I had no idea that Macky was Soror Fiat Yod, nor that the envelope in my possession would have originally contained one of the now well-known letters published in Magick Without Tears. But from Crowley’s journals and letters held in OTO archives I was able to reconstruct much of their relationship.  I shared some of my research publicly and revealed the unknown Soror’s true identity.  This caught the eye of Heather Schubert, who contacted me and asked that I share my notes.  From there, she ran with it and continued to research Macky, which led to her excellent article and biography that was shared on the Astrum Argenteum web page. More recently, Schubert’s work was cited by Tobias Churton in his book Aleister Crowley in India.

Original add for the Anthroposophic Book Shop, ran by Mrs. Macky, circa 1940’s.

What you may not know is that Schubert has been hard at work preparing an updated and expanded article which will contain new information and a couple rare images of Macky.  This she plans to publish in her upcoming Volume II of The Daughters of Babalon.  Those wanting to learn more about Macky, one of the more important members of the A∴A∴, should grab a copy of this publication. (Details forthcoming.)

As you might imagine, our research into this remarkable woman’s story continues, and today I am happy to finally put a face to her name.  Here is what is likely the first image most will have ever seen of Soror Fiat Yod.  Many more to come, stay-tuned!

For further details and to see Heather Schubert’s original article click here ->

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