Molecular Biologist, Poet, Artist Harvey Bialy Has Passed Away

Oh July 1, 2020 EV Charles Stein posted on FB: “Sad news. Harvey Bialy, the creator of the images that I have been posting with my texts about them, has died. I don’t have details. Friend and coconspirator with me for almost 60 years.”
Bialy was a molecular biologist, member of the International OTO Cabinet since 2006, contributed poetry to The Equinox, III:10 and had several books of his poetry published the best known being Babalon 156. He also provided remembrances of EGC Bishop and artistic polymath Harry Smith published as American Magus. In addition he was a unique and powerfully expressive artist who’s work was shown at the Nalanda Gallery at the Naropa Institute and the Catedral de Cuernavaca.
Dr. Bialy’s website features his artwork accompanied by poetry by Stein and others inspired by it.
He was interviewed for Thelema, NOW! in 2010:
“He lived with Kenneth Anger at the legendary Russian Embassy in SF when he was finishing his doctorate in molecular biology at UC Berkeley. Can you imagine studying in that environment? You can see him in [the Kenneth Anger film] Invocation of My Demon Brother — he’s onstage toward the end, but most visible coming down the stairs and smoking pot. Harvey and his then-wife Timotha did the Equinox ritual at the Straight Theatre with Kenneth — that’s the footage in Invocation that shows Kenneth etc. on stage.” – Hymenaeus Beta


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