Modern Day Witches and Healers of Poland

The Huffington Post has posted an article on a photo essay on the Witches and Healers of modern day Poland which is even-handed, frankly quite positive and is illustrated by a series of striking photos. The piece begins:

“What images comes to mind when you hear the word “witch”?

“For photographer Katarzyna Majak, who was raised in predominately Catholic Poland, her vision involved a deformed creature with a black hat and broomstick — like the representations that often populate fairy tales and mainstream movies. This was, of course, before Majak embarked on a mission to seek out spiritually empowered women, be they witches, healers, druids or whisperers.

“Majak was inspired to begin her journey after growing frustrated with the monoreligious culture she was brought up in, specifically with the established roles available to women. “I had realized there was something amiss around,” Majak explained to The Huffington Post. “I intuitively felt what the mainstream offers to women does not satisfy their deeper search.” The photographer set out to document the bold women who stray from the traditional archetype of the “Polish mother,” one who cares for her family at the expense of her own freedom and growth.”

Read the entire article here:

Polish witches

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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