Micro, Macro, and Meta-Enchantments

Here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter this week:

Do you know people that are clearly good at magic, but still have the same problems month after month, year after year, decade after decade?  They get the new job, the new lover, the new whatever that they are enchanting for but always seem to wind up in the same spot. To be honest I was like this for most of my 20’s and early 30’s. I solved problems with magic, I explored my reality, and I had a lot of fun doing it – but by 35 I was very much the same as I was at 25.

This is what Meta-Enchantment is all about.

If you have taken the Strategic Sorcery Course or read my books you know about Macro Enchantment and Micro Enchantment. Macro is the big working you do to get what you want (the only magic most people do BTW) and Micro are the small spells and bits of magic that your work along each step to your goals. So a Macro-Enchantment for a job might be a big ceremony aimed at becoming the VP of Marketing for the Frobozz Company, and the Micro wold be spells for: networking, resume enchantment, interview compelling, decision influencing etc.

So what is Meta Enchantment? Well, the word Meta can either mean something that runs underneath something else, like a metacarpal or it can mean something that references or effects itself. What I mean by Meta Enchantment is magic that deeply changes not the world you perceive around you, but the way in which you perceive and process it. It is changing YOU so that when you change the stuff around you it doesn’t all fall back into the same patterns.

“But Jason, isn’t this what people mean when they mean magic for ‘spiritual work’?”

It can be, but often it isn’t. Spiritual is word that is too loose and can mean pretty much whatever people want it to. From my experience a lot of the worst people I know talk about theor spiirtual work, and a lot of people I consider quite spiritual don’t have any use for that word at all. What I am talking about is more measurable and targetted than that though. It is about culruvation of specific qualities and habits that support you in your desired direction in life.

“Isn’t this the ‘psychological model’ of magic?”

Gods no. Please can we get away from this concept of spirits vs energy vs mind – its all real and all part of magic. Dione Fortune once defined magic as changes in consciousness, and I think that most of us have left that behind, and rightly so. Just because magic is not entirely defined by our minds however doesn’t mean that we should not make changes in our cognitive habits and processes. Just because we aknolwedge that magic can change things beyond ourselves, doesn’t mean we should not also use it to change ourselves

Macro and Micro enchantments are often like buying a new car that is faster or safer or more efficient. Those things are important, but do is the driver. If the driver is unwillinf or unable to change and grow, there is only so far that new car can take you.

My course Jupiter: The Sorcery of Achievement is primarily about Meta Magic. The prequisite Book and Arcane Audio give all sorts of Macro and Micro encgantment tools, and we give even more of those in this course as well (lessons 2,4,5, and 7 specifically) but the gist of the course is aimed at making YOU more Jovian in outlook, disposition, character, and habit. This is how you change from a person who knows a lot of spells that work, to someone who is becoming someone different because of their magic.

Whether you do my courses, or any other type of magic, there are always aspects of the work that speak to this Meta-Enchantment. Aspects that are sometimes easy to overlook as we race from one shiny thing to the next or fxing one problem after another.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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