Michael Harrison Composes in Pythagorean Tuning

The latest issue of Nautilus magazine includes an article on a multi-media piece called “Just Ancient Loops” by composer/instrumentalist Michael Harrison.  One of the bases of the piece is that it utilizes “Pythagorean tuning,” (Pythagorus being one of our Gnostic Saints) meaning “a spiral of ‘perfect’ fifths that doesn’t return to the same pitch it started from. A perfect fifth in music is a 3-to-2 relationship in sound.”

Considering that magicians influenced by Aleister Crowley often view mathematics as expressing the inter-relationship of various aspects of manifest and non-manifest reality (hence our devotion to Qabilistic analysis of words to derive their numerical value to discover their connection to other words and the concepts/events/conditions they describe, for instance) this piece could well resonate powerfully within our community. ENJOY!

Read the piece and hear/view excerpts here: http://nautil.us/issue/29/scaling/the-cello-music-of-the-spheres

Michael Harrison

Thanks to Tau Roncellin for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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