“Meditation” or Finger Bang?

The learned tabloid The NY Post has posted a video about “Orgasmic Meditation,” asking the question: Is this “meditation” or just a 15-minute finger bang? This is a question that could be applied to many a rite of sexual magick, mysticism or tantra (which could in turn apply to magick or mysticism practices based in Hindu/Buddhist traditions); Chapter 7 of the 1991 edition of Enochian World of Aleister Crowley, written by Christopher Hyatt would be a case in point. The point of differentiation is in the intent. This little video does suggest an interesting practice of its own which can be performed in a solitary manner or with partner(s). Also, the basic technology can be yoked to other intents of one’s own device. Either way — looks like it’s be fun to experiment with! Or doing it till ya get it right!


finger bang

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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