Meditation Cave of 17th Century Mystic Profiled on TV

Ya know, Philadelphia’s a weird place that’s been home to mystics, religious rebels and groups like the Rosicrucians, Theosophical Society and more going WAY back.  As far back as the 17th century spiritual dissidents moved to and settled in the area, one of the more notable being Johannes Kelpius. Legend has it that he and his adherents built a meditation cave near Wissahickon creek and you can visit the site to this day, it being marked with a small obelisk raised by area Rosicrucians. Now, historians doubt that the location was in fact a medication cave or had any other religious use and that it most likely was a root cellar (i.e. precursor to a refrigeration unit), but the legend persists and was recently covered by the local ABC station. Their online description says:

“Many don’t even realize, but there’s an historic gem tucked away in the trails of the Wissahickon.

“About 7 miles outside of Center City lies the Cave of Kelpius or the Hermit’s Cave.

“Johannes Kelpius was a German philosopher who settled in Philadelphia in the late 1600s. Experts believe the Transylvania native, and his followers used the cave for prayer, meditation, and other more mystical purposes.

“If you plan on visiting the Cave of Kelpius, the best place to go is along the Wissahickon trails, off Hermit Lane in Roxborough.

“Watch the video essay above from talented Action News photojournalist, Dan Sheridan, as he takes us inside the mysterious hollow.

“Happy hunting!”

Have a look:

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