Massapalooza Registration Opens

Gnostic Mass celebrants at William Blake Lodge

Registration is now open for Massapalooza, William Blake Lodge’s annual celebration of the Gnostic Mass and its mysteries! The temple at William Blake Lodge was custom built to suit the specifications in Liber XV. It’s a chance to see the ceremony performed by different groups, with different nuances and manifestations all within the rubric. The event takes place October 6-8, 2017, in the Valley of Baltimore.

It’s not just a Massathon. It’s also a gathering of siblings from all over, a reunion of friends and a chance to revel in gnosis with friends you haven’t yet met. Workshops, meals, and more, all in one place.

This year, Baltimore Craft Beer Festival begins on the Saturday of Massapalooza, so themed events and field trips are planned. Participants help determine the agenda. Have a class you’d like to teach? A discussion you’d like to lead? A new robe you’d like to show off? Freshly baked cakes of light? Bring your dreams and your drive!

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