MARVK Releases 4 Albums Simultaneously!

In commemoration of the first 23rd of 2023, MARVK has published four CDs of material created over the last 18 months: TUM, SOLVE, COAGULA, and UNPLANNED ROUTES. The sound was aurally inspired by the first generation of Industrial Records artists, with some additional spiritual influence from To Mega Therion. Each piece* was performed live by the artist on a eurorack synth system in an attempt to capture some of that 1978-1981 feel, recorded direct to digital 2-track, then mastered for release. They are available now on most streaming services, and all four are also viewable as full “video albums” on YouTube. Many of the videos include the actual performance as it was recorded. *except the first two tracks on TUM, performed/recorded on other gear.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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