Magia: Libro Sigellum

The Arcane Press has announced the release of a new publication, Magia: Libro Sigellum, written by Magus Athanatos. Their description states:
“Magia: Libro Sigellum” is a complete and authoritative compendium on the subject of Sigil Magick. Within this book, many methods of sigil creation and composure will be discussed as well as arcane secrets on the subject of Sigil Magick which has never before been published.
“Within this book you will also discover the secrets of the Seal and Talisman in the ancient tradition thereof.
“Magus Athanatos is one of the new signed authors under The Arcane Press, and many more books are upcoming from this new author under the series “Magia”.
“Magia: Libro Sigellum will be made available in Softcover, Hardcover and Digital Versions.
“It has just been released – so go ahead and click below to be taken to the store pages!”
“Magus Athanatos”? Is this someone who’s formally claimed and been recognized that status by an A.’.A.’. administration? Did they declare their Word yet?

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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