The Therapist Who Treats Patients with LSD

LSD Blotter Tabs

While many enthusiasts use the drug illegally to open the doors of perception, Dr. Peter Gasser is the only doctor authorized by law to treat patients with LSD.

“Gasser has been interested in psychedelics from a medicinal standpoint ever since he took LSD nearly 25 years ago. In 1988, the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health granted him special permission to certain psychiatrists to begin research with the drug, despite the global ban. He was one of five therapists in Switzerland who was legally allowed to implement MDMA and LSD into his research and tried the psychoactive treatment himself—at least until Switzerland banned LSD again in 1993.”

Vice interviewed him in a recent article, asking questions about his therapy. Meet the Only Doctor in the World Legally Allowed to Use LSD to Treat Patients


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