Lost City Dating to Time King David is Supposed To Have Ruled Uncovered

Research has shown that using ancient scripture as a source for determining historical fact is a tricksy pursuit. While millenia old literary sources can tell you a lot about how the author(s) viewed themselves and their relationship to the enviroment, society etc. what it tells you is highly subjective, one might even say poetic. So news about archaelogical findings that some are using to authenticate the exact Biblical account of the life and exploits of the Israelite King David likely is best approached with due contemplation of known facts before jumping to conclusions. Here’s the beginning of a recent Daily Mail report:

“A lost city dating to the rule of King David from the Old Testament has been uncovered in Jerusalem.

“King David is an ancestor of Jesus, according to biblical sources, which say he ruled around BC 1,000.

“Experts say that recently-found ruins date to the 10th century BC.

“This ties in with the timeframe for when the bible says King David existed, making the link between the two ‘plausible’, researchers claim.

“The finding is likely to fuel the debate surrounding whether Biblical figures such as King David actually existed, however.

“Some researchers believe the legendary figure is akin to King Arthur – an amalgam of myth and historical fact, the basis of which has been lost to the sands of time. “

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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