Lon Milo Duquette Gets Into The Well

Deputy National Grand Master of U.S. Grand Lodge, Lon Milo Duquette, posted a picture of himself and a member of the Austin based band called (auspiciously enough) The Well taken when they met in Sacramento where the band were playing as part of a West Cost tour. Their posted bio says

“A heavy psych rock/proto-metal power trio based out of Austin, Texas, the Well‘s lethal blend of knotty prog, punk, and bluesy doom rock invokes names like Black Sabbath, Electric Wizard, Sleep, and Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats. Citing a desire “to blend different musical styles as diversified as Joy Division to Blue Cheer“, the band, which consists of Ian Graham, Lisa Alley, and Jason Sullivan, came together in 2012 out of a shared love for extreme music, cult horror films, and dark mysticism. That same year they released their limited-edition debut 7” “Seven.” The band’s 2013 EP, First Trip, caught the attention of Riding Easy Records, who quickly signed the trio, leading to the release of their full-length debut, Samsara, in 2014, a sophomore effort, Pagan Science, followed in 2016, and Death and Consolation in 2019, again via Riding Easy. -Bio from Allmusic.com”

Their songs include “Black Eyed Gods” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtaA9Sq5lI0

and “Mortal Bones” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrPVB8sfPCs

nuff said.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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