Link to Supermoon5 Performance Video

“You can still watch SUPERMOON 5 at your leisure! Here is the archive link to this performance, video and musical show and fundraiser supporting Black lives and communities!:
“This is such an entertaining edition with so many great pieces and artists. The list of appearances is attached, and more info is below on the orgs we raised money for. You can of course still donate to any of them to support Black communities during this time of global reckoning. “
“[part of a ]live broadcast series from interdisciplinary artist Liz Walsh, who in supplementing her gallery exhibition has been curating the most exceptionally eccentric short-form magazine-style line-ups of music, performance art, off-beat mediations, unlikely how-twos, poetry, and general digital psychedelia.”
FEATURING L.A.Drones Huntrezz Kyler O’Neal Edgar Fabian Frias Moira Scar /V.E.X. Cade Moga Dalton Blanco Channel Earth Television Peter Kalisch Doña J Emily Lucid Foriegnfire Shane Aslan Selzer Mirrored Fatality Veronica de Jesus Monet Clark Jason Winfield Will Bruno Wendy Farina Alex Theodoropulos Christine Shields Kim Anno Gordon Winiemko Hannah Modesitt Kal Spelletich HOLA House of Los Angeles
DONATE HERE (click link to orgs page )
SummaEveryThang upper right corner button for donations! **************
People’s Breakfast Oakland ****************
PBTL Protect Black Trans Lives via Jelly Bebe @theacidhit cashapp handle: $j3llybebe ***************
GLP Grass Roots Law Project

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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