Liber Pyramidos

Containing a ritual that has become nearly ubiquitous with Crowley’s A:.A:., Hell Fire Club Books has recently released a deluxe edition of Liber Pyramidos sub figura DCLXXI in a printing of fifty boxed sets.

Containing a facsimile of an original typescript believed to have originated in the ’40s or ’50s, possibly having been owned by Jack Parsons and with subsequent annotations by famed filmmaker Kenneth Anger and new commentary by Frater Orpheus (R. Flores) and others, each set consists of four volumes bound in red goat skin and green cloth and collected in a green cloth slipcase.

I do not at the time of this writing have copy, but thought I would pass this along to those interested in this ritual, the A:.A:., or the history of Crowley’s work in general.


Colin Campbell

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