Fulgur Planning Memorial Edition of the Grants Hidden Lore, Hermetic Glyphs

The UK’s Fulgur press is announcing plans for a Memorial edition of Hidden Lore, Hermetic Glyphs to perpetuate the work of Kenneth and Steffi Grant. Their FB page says:

“In remembrance of Kenneth and Steffi Grant, we are making plans for a Memorial Edition of ‘Hidden Lore, Hermetic Glyphs’, first published by Fulgur Press in 2006 and now long out of print. The new edition will have an essay from Henrik Bogdan that draws upon the personal archives of the authors to provide us with a better understanding of the genesis and reception of the essays when they were first published as the Carfax Monographs nearly sixty years ago. Pictured here is our 2006 Isis Edition, printed in six colours…”



Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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