Legendary Viking HQ in Poland Discovered

Y’all might note that we are devoted antiquarians, so yr probably not surprised that we got unduly excited about the news that the remains of the quasi-mythical Viking settlement Jomburg may have been discovered in Poland. One account begins:

“Start excavating a site known as Hangman’s Hill, and you’re likely to find some interesting tidbits. Particularly if the hill in question is located on an island in the Baltic Sea — an area of strategic importance to civilizations for thousands of years.

‘So when Polish archaeologist Wojciech Filipowiak went to dig around Hangman’s Hill in advance of a planned construction there, he thought he might find some history — perhaps relics from the nearby town of Wolin’s long history.

‘What he wasn’t expecting was evidence of, as The New York Times put it, “a 10th-century stronghold that could help solve one of the great riddles of the Viking Age.”’

Read the whole article: https://explorersweb.com/viking-stronghold-poland/.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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