Led Zeppelin’s Led Zeppelin IV (33 1/3)

While the influence of Aleister Crowley on Led Zeppelin is undeniable, there are few publications that approach the inspiration derived from magickal study and practice with anything other than incredulity. When magick is mentioned, it is often sensationalized.

The volume of the 33 1/3 series that details Led Zeppelin IV by Erik Davis does something exceedingly rare. This gem of a book explores the iconic album as a talismanic representation of the heroes journey.

Imagine the possibility of appreciating this recording as though it were the first time you were hearing it. It is truly a gift.

You can read and hear Davis’ other work on spirituality and culture at his website: http://www.techgnosis.com/

Erik participated in the Blook Music Sex Magik panel at SxSW in 2012 alongside Andrew WK and others; you can hear the panel here: http://thelemanow.com/thelema-now-blood-music-sex-magick-65-minutes-

33 3rd Zep

Jon Sewell

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