Latest Book from Sorcerer Jason Miller OUT NOW!

Our dear pal Jason Miller has a new book out now The Elements of Spellcasting: 21 Keys to Successful Sorcery and we KNOW it’s a dilly! describes it thus:

“There is no shortage of spells out there. Some books highlight thousands of spells, but do any of them actually work? And how well do they work? I don’t mean just getting a result—I mean getting a result that matters, a result that will impact your life or the lives of those you work for. The Elements of Spellcrafting provides the most effective and efficient ways to get things done with magic.

“The Elements of Spellcrafting identifies and explains 21 keys to successful sorcery—a best practices of sorcery—in three sections:

  • Principals and strategies for how best to apply magic before you begin.
  • Methods and tactics that will ensure a positive outcome.

“How to take spells to the next level—building a life of spiritual accomplishment and material success beyond the basics.

“If you have ever cast a spell that didn’t work, The Elements of Spellcrafting will help you figure out why.

“If you regularly cast spells that seem to work but you still wind up in the same circumstances, this book will definitely help you chart a new course for victorious spellcrafting.”

This is available via all major online booksellers so we’re not going to show favoritism. Just go to yr preferred one and order one. Or better, yet call your local occult/metaphysical bookstore/supply shop (if you’re lucky enough  to have one nearby!), and get it from them. If they don’t stock it, I’m sure they’ll special order it!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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