Lam’s Offspring Found Decomposing in a Parked Car in L.A.?

Of course Aleister Crowley had rendered a sketch of a praeter-human intelligence he called “Lam” that looks suspiciously like modern depictions of aliens who have visited the Earth in recent years, while Kenneth Grant believe that Jack Parsons’ Babalon Working opened inter-dimensional doors through which UFO’s entered our time/space continuum (so how did they get through before then, to do things like build the pyramids?) Recent news accounts of a mysterious gent in Los Angeles who died while out for a drive with his fiancee, who left him to decompose, expecting the government to come collect him… because she believed he was an alien/human hybrid sent to Earth to save it – and working for multiple government agencies. Authorities consequently found a huge cache of legally purchase weapons and vehicles (17!) including an SUV customized to be able to travel underwater.

Read the entire account here:


thanks to Soror Amy for the tip!

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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