Kris Force and Jarboe Team Up for The Embrace

The Embrace: A Sonic Odyssey is a recent release by the duo of Amber Asylum mainstay Kris Force and former Swans member Jarboe. The posted description says:

Kris Force and Jarboe have created a new musical gem: The Embrace, a 51-minute meditation that blends seamlessly from beginning to end. The album features Force’s violins, bowed electric bass, ghostly banjo, bowls, bells and synth drones to the hurdy-gurdy and bowed dulcimer of Thor Harris, a former member of Swans, to the masterful cello work of Jackie Perez Gratz, and to the voice of Jarboe, who adds spoken word and mesmerizing vocals throughout.

The Embrace is more than just an album. It is a sonic journey that invites listeners to dive into a world of wonder and mystery. The album is a meditative experience that reveals the depths of emotion and consciousness.

The Embrace is a unique and extraordinary work that showcases the artistic talent and skill of both Force and Jarboe. It is a musical manifestation of their passion and creativity.

Listen, maybe purchase:

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