Kickstarter Campaign for Tarot Website and App

Here’s an interesting project currently raising funding via Kickstarter,  Arkartia and the Tarot Wayfarer. These will be a tarot-based website and an associated App (for smart device, phone, or iPad) which will provide a new experience of tarot for divination and self-discovery. Their Kickstarter page says:

“A new form of interactive and engaging tarot-based website
A secret society which is neither secret nor a society
A community experience shared on social media
A review and sharing site for cartomancy and divination
A tarot learning site for absolute beginners and experts
A game that is played in real life
A mystical journey of self-transformation that is open to everyone
An online tarot reading system
A way of learning esoteric systems at your own pace
And something even more; an App with Augmented Reality, bringing another world – a tarot world – into this world. The App also allows subscribers to share card interpretations at a click with the Flying Scrolls.

“The whole experience is SUITABLE FOR ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS TO TAROT to very experienced readers, as it includes several unique teaching aids which are truly immersive.

“In fact, even if you do not yet have access to a physical tarot deck, you can use the online system built into the site and App for your readings.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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