Keye Chen On Portraying An Asian Rocket Genius (Who Never Existed) On Strange Angel

CBS All Access interviewed a bunch of the cast of its Strange Angel series. In his interview actor Keye Chen talks about: “Portraying An Asian Rocket Genius On Strange Angel.” He states that the person he portrays is a historical figure but never actually names the character. Other coverage of the series has Chen playing “Gui Chiang.” The interviewer notes that Chen has “done a lot of research”  and Chen happily agrees.

OK. I challenge y’all to Google “Gui Chiang.”

Doing a bit more research, one discovers that a Chinese national, Qian Xuesen (Tsien Hsue-shen), was part of Parsons research team at Caltech.  Eventually he was deported and – despite what Chen says – helped oversee China’s nuclear research and his work led to the development of China’s ballistic missile and space programs. Read more here:

And here’s the interview:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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