Keep Silence Edition of ΘΕΛΗΜΑ Now Available

The print version of ΘΕΛΗΜΑ: Keep Silence Edition is now available for purchase! It is available not only as a 4×6 paperback with print matching the original size, but also as a 7×10 hardcover oversized edition, printed at twice the size of the original, the same size as our prints of The Equinox.

We are also offering a pin created from a high-res scan of the cover of ΘΕΛΗΜΑ. If purchased with either or both of the books you will receive $5 off.

100% of the net proceeds from the sales of these books and pins will be donated to Horizon Lodge O.T.O. in Seattle, WA. As such, these items will only be available through their etsy store at:

Or individually at the links below:

Never before republished in facsimile, this edition of Aleister Crowley’s ΘΕΛΗΜΑ is recreated from high-res scans of first editions originally belonging to Wilfred Talbot Smith and C.F. Russell.

First published in 1909, this work was only made available to members of the A∴A∴ as was required for the task particular to their grade. As such they were printed in three separate volumes: LXI & LXV (65) in the first, given to Probationers (both later published in The Equinox 3.1); Liberi (7) in the second, given to Neophytes; and L vel Legis, Trigrammaton, and Ararita in the third, given to Zelators. This edition contains all three volumes in one.

Additionally, each Liber is followed by a page briefly explaining its relevance to the work the A∴A∴ along with a blank for the book owner to sign their motto. In modern collections of Crowley’s writings, these have been generally left out.

Special Thanks to Tony Iannotti for providing the scans of the first editions!

Be advised that this is a photographic copy of a first edition and thus maintains any errors. Especially, this version of L vel Legis should be avoided for any serious non-scholarly work, as it contains a large number of errors. Further, we have not included any content that was not in the originals, such as our publishers page.

Digital edition available at

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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