Just Give Space and Listen

Here’s an excerpt from this week’s installment of  Jason Miller’s “Magick Monday” newsletter.

“I was one of the founders of Thelesis Camp of the OTO in Philadelphia. They exist today as a Lodge or Oasis [currently an Oasis] or something, and I am no longer a member of the OTO. When I was in the camp though, people would visit from other bodies and comment how weird and rare it was that we maintained a gender split of around 50/50. ‘What do you GUYS do to ATTRACT all these LOVELY SCARLET WOMEN?’ I remember someone asking. I remember it because it rubbed me as a pretty sketchy question [agreed – a creepy way to perceive the situation] . I hadn’t really thought much about it until I heard the question phrased that way. The question revealed the answer. ‘Nothing.’ I said. ‘We don’t do anything except treat them like members of the group.’  [and so it continues]

“Not saying we were perfect, but for the most part I think we did a good job of not treating the female members like strange foreign objects to be attracted. Turns out by not bending over backward to make a special space. we wound up making a space. Women had a voice that was heard. That voice was accepted or argued with just like a dudes. There were a handful of times when men acted lecherously, and me and the a few others tried to stop it, but you know what? The Sisters didn’t need us to. They had it handled. Just give space and listen.

“There are so many brilliant women authors, Witches, Sorceresses, Magicians out there right now its staggering. They didn’t require any kind of special treatment, just space to speak and be heard and taken seriously. They don’t require your agreement or deference because they are women, just not dismissal.

“I would compile a list now of women in magic who are awesome in magic, but Erzebet Barthold of Hadean Press who was there with me at those early years of Thelesis in Philadelphia already does that through her amazing Magical Women Conference. Check it out! Even if you don’t go, check out the WORK of the women who spoke last year and who are speaking this year. ”

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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