Here’s an excerpt from Jason Miller’s Magick Monday Newsletter:

I find that a lot of people have an unfortinate view of Jupiter.. They think only of Money and  endless Expansion, the combination of which is causing a lot of suffering. And so, Jupiter has gotten a bit of a bad rap. Many in fact have declares their hatered of Jupiter. This is a profound mis-understanding.

For one thing, Jupiter is neither the god nor the planet of those who hoard wealth. That would be Pluto. In English, we literally call those people Plutocrats. Pluto rules the underworld where the resources are mined from. That said, Pluto is not to blame either, and those who learn to work with Jupiter properly learn the keys of approaching Pluto for resources.

Jupiter is a god of good governance and rulership. Jupiter is reflected in laws that grant more freedom and create more opportunity. Jupiter is also the god of benevolence When we meet someone who makes us laugh while uplifting everyone we literally call such people jovial. 

Some see Jupiter as a god of Lightning and Wrath, and that is indeed his weapon, but Jupiter is not Thor: Jupiter is a god of the SKY, not lightning. He is the clear, vast, and vibrant sky.

I am increasingly dismayed at the degree to which magic is being reducded to either “dial-a-diety” magic where you make contact and beg for boons, or even worse, magicians and witches turning their life over to the gods entirely. Begging Deity-Dad for gifts or bowing my head with a resigned “Thy Will Be Done” is NOT what I got into Sorcery for, howabout you?

In my explorations of Jupiter I found a god in sort of retirement. This is not a power that wants more and more propitation, offerings, and worship. He wants to share his knowlege, his teachings, his qualities. The Jupiter that I am in contact with, if he wants anything, wants to spread Jovial qualities through the world, so that good governance can increase and humans can sort out our own fucking messes.

Invoke Jupiter to gain skylike clarity on what you want to achieve in life and why that is good.
Driven by this goal invoke Jupiter to gather resources and clear obstacles to this benevolent end.
Thats the key to Jupiter.

To the extent that money is almost always important in any human endeavor, we should absolutely call upon Jupiter to expand our wealth, but don’t forget Juno. The word “Money” comes from her epitaph Juno MonetaWhen you have a clear picture of a lifes work that benefits both you and others, you will see money as a good thing. One that Jupiter and Juno and innumerable spirits can aid you not only in accumulating, but in governing wisely and benevolently.

It’s all well and good to pray for Ukraine or “send Healing” to the earth, but such magic is cast so broadly that it doesn’t seem to have any measurable effect that I can notice. If however we take control of our lives, dedicate ourselves to benevolent works, and achieve wealth power and infliuence necessary to see them achieved, that can make a huge difference. If there is any magic more relevant to the tribulations that we face today, I don’t know what it could be.



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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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