Joseph Smith and the Mormons

There are those who claim that The Church of Latter Day Saints is the first religion based on Masonic principles and symbology (which is kinda meta considering that you might see Freemasonry as a de-clergified religion). Crowley – who also founded his own religion and was influenced by Masonry –  evinced some respect for Mormon founder Joseph Smith in Moonchild, when Smith appears among a company of discarnate saints that manifests during the narrative. So perhaps Joseph Smith and the Mormons, by Noah Van Sciver, which was published last Summer might be of interest

In Joseph Smith and the Mormons, author and illustrator Noah Van Sciver, who was raised a Mormon, covers one of history’s most controversial figures, Joseph Smith—who founded a religion which is practiced by millions all over the world. The book discusses all of the monumental moments during Smith’s life, including the anti-Mormon threats and violence which caused his followers to move from New York to Ohio, Smith’s receiving the divine commandment of plural marriage, his imprisonment, his announcement to run for president of the United States, and his ultimate murder by an angry mob in 1844 at the young age of 38. With a respectful and historical approach, and strikingly illustrated, this graphic novel is the ultimate book for those curious about the origins of the Mormon faith and the man who started it all.


Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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