Seasons Greetings From Lama Vajranatha

John Myrdhin Reynolds / Lama Vajranatha posted seasons’ greetings on his FB thread:

“This winter season will be a difficult time with the continuous spreading of infections with covid and its mutation, and with the economic hardships stemming from lockdowns. This is a good time to remember some of the basic teachings of the Buddha Dharma regarding our lives being impermanent and that there is no safe refuge from suffering in samsara other than the Three Jewels.

“But we must not allow ourselves to sink into the negative emotion of depression. The Buddha’s message is also optimistic. No matter how bad things may get at present, they won’t last and there always exists the possibility and potential for realizing liberation and enlightenment. So, no matter how dark things may look at the moment this winter, they are not permanent. We can improve our personal conditions and situations by way of practicing the Dharma and creating positive karma for the future. For now and for the coming year,
“Sarva Mangalam and Trashi Delek, all good fortune!”
Best wishes, Lama Vajranatha
Proposed seminars via zoom for 2021 – more details will be made available in upcoming months:
Jan 23-24: Dakinis—The Divine Feminine in Tibetan Buddhism
Feb 20-21: Simhamukha—The Lion-Headed Dakini of Wisdom and Magical Power
Mar 27-28: Psychic Self-Defence and Protecting against Magical Attacks
Apr 24-25: Kurukulla—The Dakini of Enchantment and Witchcraft
May 22-23: Healing and Long Life Practices with Amitayus and the Medicine Buddha

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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