John Coltrane Using the Method of Science to Achieve the Aim of Religion

Here’s a cool essay from two years ago about John Coltrane’s thoughts on the relationship between music and physics which extends into some interesting considerations that imply the use of the Method of Science to achieve the Aim of Religion.  An excerpt states:

“Lateef even argued that Coltrane’s late-in-life masterpiece A Love Supreme might have been titled “Allah Supreme”were it not for fear of “political backlash.” Some may find the claim tendentious, but what we see in the wide range of responses to Coltrane’s musical theory, so well encapsulated in the drawing above, is that his recognition, as Lateef writes, of the ‘structures of music’ was as much for him about scientific discovery as it was religious experience. Both for him were intuitive processes that “came into existence,” writes Lateef, ‘in the mind of the musican through abstraction from experience.'”

Read the whole jawn:

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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