Jimmy Page on his new book, Lucifer Rising & More

One of my favorite things that you’ve done is the Lucifer Rising soundtrack. That was so different from Led Zeppelin, was it a nice break to be doing something like that?

I had a studio at home, and it got to the point where I was left on my own and got up to mischief. Actually Lucifer Rising, in this trawling through my archive, I came up with the original mix of it, which is really a thrill to find. I had this multitrack and I started messing around myself, playing the instruments, making up loops, putting effects on things. I was really working, I was like a sketch pad. It took on a life of its own, Lucifer Rising. It was really good stuff. It’s pretty intense.

From a fantastic Jimmy Page interview on His New Book, the Velvet Underground and Meeting Burroughs by Luke Turner at http://www.wonderingsound.com/feature/jimmy-page-led-zeppelin-photographic-autobiography-interview


Jimmy Page is one of music’s greatest guitarists, innovators and legends. JIMMY PAGE by Jimmy Page is his official autobiography, a photographic essay he personally created to tell his story for the first time. Jimmy’s words and a handpicked selection of over 600 photographs, make this book the definitive record of a remarkable life.

‘I’ve been asked on a number of occasions to do a written book and I thought of the other side of the coin. I thought it would be unique to have an autobiography in photographs.’ – Jimmy Page

JIMMY PAGE by Jimmy Page is available in all major bookstores, from October 2014.


more info at http://www.genesis-publications.com/jimmy-page-by-jimmy-page-2014/default.htm

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