Jack Parsons, O.T.O., Area 51

Sunday edition of the the Santa Barbara News Press ran an article titled “Here’s a new story about Area 51.” IF you start reading this, PROMISE me you’ll read it ALL the way through to the very last line. You gotta promise that. Or just don’t read it. The piece discusses together the stories of Jack Parsons’, O.T.O. and Area 51 and eventually claims that O.T.O. possesses the secrets of the future, and that those secrets will allow O.T.O. to become immensely wealthy and powerful in the next 4 centuries. So, here’s the beginning … and remember you GOTTA READ THE END if you start it.

“Let us begin with this preface.

“The art and age of rocketry began right here in California on Halloween 88 years ago when an explosives whiz kid named Jack Parsons created a mix of gaseous oxygen and methyl alcohol and launched a rocket from Arroyo Seco near Pasadena.

“The Jet Propulsion Laboratory was born on that very site.


“Dr. Boom-Boom’ is the codename I bestowed upon a source cultivated decades ago for a series of stories on Area 51 in Nevada and U.S. Air Force experiments of the 1950s. He had worked there for a while at a senior level and knew all its secrets, even shared a few with me, but only — I’m certain — when it suited his own secretive agenda.

“Nuclear physics, rocket propulsion, Dr. Boom-Boom knew it all — and anyone worth their salt within the national security establishment.

“Short and stocky with craggy features, firm jaw and crew-cut gray hair, the good doctor seemed genuinely happy to see me recently at Coast & Olive in Montecito. He sipped liquid crystal from a martini glass graced by olives stuffed with bleu cheese.

“Boom-Boom had something he wished to impart upon me, for readers of this column, he said, to get the truth out.

“’It’s a long story,’ he whispered. ‘Maybe the biggest of your life, if you’d ever get it published, which is highly unlikely if not outright impossible.’

“’My newspaper is bold,’ I told him.

“’This is about a marriage of the scientific world and the occult.  An unholy marriage borne out of rocket science. It goes back to when Jet Propulsion Lab in Pasadena was first founded, to a large extent by a rocket fuel whiz kid named Jack Parsons.’ He paused. ‘Jack was before my time, so I never met him. He was one of the innovators among the earliest pioneers of rocketeering. But he had a dark side. A very dark side. ”

Remember… READ THE END!


First Rocket Motor Firing at JPL, 1936-37
Use this version; dust & scratches removed.

Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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