Italian Folk Magic & the Old Religion

Published last month, Magick at the Crossroads: Italian Folk Magic & the Old Religion is a book by Gianmichael Salvato. Amazon’s description says:

“From the legend of the Holy Strega, Aradia — Queen of the Witches, and Daughter of Diana and Lucifer — to the generations of magickal folklore, and the secrets of the ancient Wisdom Tradition, Italian Witch, psychic intuitive and anthropologist, Dr. F. Gianmichael Salvato takes us beyond the “witch wars” and arrogant claims of “authenticity”, which has divided the community and added to a culture of misinformation, divisiveness and a false narrative about the rich and beautiful traditions of Stregoneria, and its contributions to the neo-pagan religions of modern Stregheria, Wicca, and New Age spirituality.

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Frater Lux Ad Mundi

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